instructional painting, 2011 
Installation view of Game Theory at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Mural was painted by two Cornish students by randomly drawings cards that corresponded with my instructions.

instructional painting, detail 

oops mural, 2011 
Installation view of Residence, at the home of Seattle artist Timothy Cross. The mural uses a random selection of Oops paint, or reject latex house paints from Home Depot.

destroyed couch, 2011 
Studio view of Timothy Cross' couch that was disassembled as a part the Residence show.

detail of destroyed couch 

string project, 2011 
Instructional chance project with 12 foundation of art students at The Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

detail of string project 

detail of string project 

a conversation (dirt window), 2011 
Collaboration with Jason Hirata using mud collected from Discovery Park. The window project is a joint venture between Soil Gallery and Act Theatre, Seattle Wa.

detail of a conversation (dirt window) 

detail of a conversation (dirt window) 

offerings project, 2010 
These sculptures and others, 16 in total, were given away for free as offerings or gifts to random viewers as an experiment with the function and energy of objects.

double diamond offering, 2010 

star offering, 2010 

409 maynard installation, 2010 
Part of the Seattle Storefront project, I used this window to make a casual display of items similar to the small family-run stores in the neighborhood.

detail of 409 maynard installation 

tacoma walk map, 2009 
This map was made from memory to capture personal signifiers and landmarks of my experience walking 35 miles in one day from Seattle, where I lived for 7 years to Tacoma, where I was born.

tacoma walk